Monday, 4 August 2008

BSSC Round 1

The list is up and my two entries are through. This is as far as I got last year so it's a relief that I've not gone backwards. I am really pleased to see so many others that I recognise on the list too. Well done everyone.

I was a bit nervous with one of my entries. It is experimental with no standard narrative. Reactions have been extreme from those that have read it so far. Some have loved it and some found it just too wierd. But it is my favourite short.

I entered it into Page too. It didn't get through on that one and now I wait for the feedback.

Hope all your competition entries are going well and you are all working hard on Red Planet, BFSC and Rise.


Caroline said...

congrats Rachael, which is your second short (I saw the one I'd read - and really liked - on the list)?

When you say you didn't get through PAGE do you mean to quarter final stage? If so (and with the one I've read I assume?) I'm really surprised. But it does just go to show how subjective it all is.

All the best with round 2...

If you fancy some swaps reading for first 10 pages for RP let me know. I will manage to actually write something this time :)

Rach said...

Thanks Caroline. You know Finger Painting but the other one is Tonight. A far more traditional narrative.

I didn't get anywhere in Page with Finger Painting. No quarter finalist email and no nice space on the semi-finalist list.

Yes, would love to do swaps for the first 10 pages of RP. Have the first page written but trying very hard to hold back on the rest until it is all sorted in my head.

Colin McBride said...

Congrats, Rach. Don't think I'm going to go for the BFSC this year myself. I don't really have a feature that I'm that happy about yet - TV is my first love really and I really do think that the entry is fee is a bit on the exorbitant side. I don't really have a problem with entry fees - the admin of these things costs a lot, after all and it shows a level of commitment from the writer to fork up the cash but this just seems a bit too much. Plus I think I'd like to leave it a year or so and see how the competition pans out this time around. It's one thing to get your film made, but it still has to get out there and be seen. There's plenty of movies getting made out there that end up languishing for want of a distribution deal.

Paul M said...

Rach, thanks for the comments. Well done to you, too. My goal this year was to show up on the radar, so I'm happy to have achieved this.

I think a script is ready when that nagging voice that says something isn't right is no longer present.

Strength and honour.

Rach said...

Hi Colin. I had a hard think and decided I didn't have anything I felt was ready for BFSC this year. I'd just be throwing my money away.

I also don't want to spread myself too thin. Lots of things to go for and I'm going to have to be tough and say no to most of them.

As to whether they will get the film made and seen, it is worth looking in Lucy's area where Olivia of Kaos has answered a few questions on that front.

I think it is worth a try but only if you are confident you have done all you can with your script.

So you've got to wait for the moment when that nagging voice Paul mentions goes silent.

Personally mine never shuts up.