Saturday, 13 September 2008

Red Planet Progress - over a fortnight to go

I've sent my 10 pages out for feedback. Got it back. Ripped and shuffled and sent out again. It has gone through so many changes. And I mean major re-writes rather than slight tweaks. I found my subtle relationship clues were so subtle they were invisible and the poor PO3s were left with "Who are these people?" There again I didn't want any exposition so it was more than just adding a few lines of dialogue. Think it's sorted now.

Like others out there I have struggled with the Outline. I've written them for films before but it seems a bit different when you are squeezing in the information for a series. Or in my case a three series run.

My story ended up following the Lost and Babylon 5 tradition of a multiple series story arc with a definite ending. OK I'm not sure if Lost has an ending or if it will just circle back to the crash in some weird Mobius strip.

Anyway I struggled on this one. I've got the tone, referenced similar work, introduced the main characters and the arena, described how the protagonist changes and roughly what happens over the first episode and the three series. Doing that while keeping my own voice has been the toughest part. I don't want a shopping list but there's only one page.

In the end I wrote it ignoring the length limit then kept cutting until it fitted. It is amazing how much you can take out without changing the meaning.I've still got time to put it aside and read again before the deadline.

In the meantime I have the full episode to finish and I'm alternating that with a radio play. Realised I haven't written one for a while. Instead of thinking visually I'm having to think auditorilly... audiolly...audito...with sound. And it is a comedy rather than the Red Planet horror. Nice to have a change.

And lastly the BSSC Round 2 results are up. Didn't get through but some familiar titles there. Congratulations if you got through and commiserations if you didn't.


Caroline said...

commiserations on not getting through to 2nd round. Your script is one of those that really sticks in my mind (still) with such powerful images.

Sounds like you're going strong on RP though.

Elinor said...

Yes, what Caroline said. x

Rach said...

Thanks. I shall experience the rest of the comp vicariously as the two of you continue through the rounds. Well done.

Elinor said...

Tag, missus, you're it...