Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Here comes 2009

It's been a strange time being off line. Oh. Didn't you notice? No. I'm not hurt at all. I'm just going to sulk in this virtual corner here. And I'm taking the Trifle with me so there.

OK. OK. You can have the jelly and sponge bits. But I'm keeping the custard and cream.

So how come I was off-line? A complete brainstorm. I'd blanked out the run up to last Christmas. We'd ripped out the bathroom and the plumbers had to work flat out so we'd have a working toilet by 4pm Christmas Eve. Did I learn from this. Nope. So this year we were shuffling bedrooms about. Lugging beds and emptying wardrobes. All so a drum-kit would fit in. Bedlam.

The decorations only went up late Christmas Eve and everything that wasn't nailed down got buried. Including our laptops. It is still nuts (Brazils of course) and the corridors are filled with stuff for charity shops, recycling and the tip. The cake is still waiting for me to put marzipan on it and some cards just never got sent out.

So a very belated Merry Christmas to everyone.

And a Happy New Year. May it be a quiet one so you can recover from your hangovers. With a drumkit and two stylaphones (from Father Xmas) in use I don't think mine will be.


Lara said...

Your silence had been noted at Tenacious Towers but I thought you were still 'thinking'. Lol. I trust you had a decent Christmas afterall? Wishing you a very Happy New Year, m'dear. x

Rach said...

Thanks Lara. It would be a strange Christmas that went to plan in our house. At least we had power this year.

Otherwise I'd have to slaughter the rest of them at Monopoly and be accused of cheating for the rest of the year. Me? Dave still insists he really won it.