Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Northern Laughs

In case anyone gets bored with the Alfred Bradley Bursary applications there is another scheme to go for if you live in the cooler part of England. It's Northern Laughs, a BBC comedy writer development scheme.

Details are at the writersroom and application is via the local screen agencies. These are in the North East, North West and Yorkshire. Deadline is 12th March and you will need to be available for the dates they list.

I've already downloaded my application form but can't make any of the launches so if you are going can you let us all know what happens please?

These are:
Leeds 6-8pm 2nd Feb Carriageworks Theatre,
Newcastle 6-8pm 4th Feb Live Theatre, Quayside,
Manchester6-8pm 9th Feb BBC Oxford Road

Email your full name in the body of the email to: writersroom.events@bbc.co.uk with the subject heading
Northern Laughs LEEDS
Northern Laughs NEWCASTLE
Northern Laughs MANCHESTER

Good Luck



Eh, 'eck, pet. I'm rite doon t'other bit of who kay...

(Hi Rach, good luck with it all.
Don't fink my sterotype northerner will get through!)

Rach said...

Hi Sheiky.

I can hear Yorkshire going to Scottish (Glaswegian I think) before morphing to Geordie and finishing with a bit of Cockney?

I know you're on the South Coast now but London? Northern? I don't think so. Oh and better check the English-Scottish border. You can't miss it. It's where the M6 gives up and becomes a single lane track over a bridge.

I've been reliable told (by a taxi driver) that the bridge is to burn if the Scots try to claim Cumbria back.