Friday, 6 February 2009

Don't be Koi

My first page re-write is done and it is now out to PO3. Wooo Hooo (with a good Blur rhythm). I think that deserves a nice hot chocolate. With squirty cream on top. Oh and the script is now a black comedy instead of a romcom. I couldn't help it. It just got darker and darker. Must be the time of the year.

Hope all your entries are going well.


M J said...

...and a marshmallow!

Rach said...

Oh yes. An essential.

Michelle Goode said...

What's PO3?

Rach said...

Ah the delights of PO3. Or Power of Three. Basically get three people to read your work and comment. It needs to be people who can give constructive critisism and have some idea what they are talking about to be of any use.

The idea raises a blogging screaming match at regular intervals but personally I prefer feedback from people who's opinions I trust rather than some mystery guys who watched Pulp Fiction once and lurk around the group sites.

It works for me and its worth a try. You are expected to reciprocate of course. There are usually plenty of volunteers if you put a shout on your blog.