Monday, 13 April 2009

End of Easter

Well the week off is over, I'm munched buckets of chocolate and now its back to the day job tomorrow. Sob. Hope all you bunnies had a good Easter.

I didn't forget my writing this week.

My black comedy feature "Blood, Sweat and Tears" is now renamed "Shepherd's Ruin". Feels a more appropriate title with the major changes I've made to the story. I've done about 30% of the re-write on it.

I've started on the first draft of "Rain On My Parade" my comedy drama feature. This is about 10% done.

I even started on "Life to the Full", my drama feature. This has been blocked out for quite a while but I've now got down to writing the first draft.

Forgot to say I also submitted my synopsis of my horror feature, "Valley of the Moon Dancers", into the Euroscript Competition. A while until I hear.

I wrote a short radio play. This is a spooky one. And I've been playing with ideas for my young adult novel.

Sounds a lot but what I've actually been doing is jumping from one project to the next whenever I get stuck. I do wonder whether it would be better to plough on with just a single project but I hate to do one thing at a time.

Even when I watch TV I have to be knitting or reading or writing or tapestry or anything. It's what I find hardest with long haul flights. You can't take knitting needles or sewing on the flight in case you attack the crew with a lethal purl stitch. The curse of multi-tasking.

So how is everyone's workload doing?


Leigh Russell said...
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Piers said...

Finishing a treatment tonight.

Then the Writers Academy piece.

Then a break from writing for a week or two with a bit of luck! Maybe catch up on S5 of The Wire at last...

Robin Kelly said...

I'm beginning to think multi-tasking is the way to go as that's much better than doing nothing when you're stuck.

(Thanks for the blog-tag, sorry I couldn't do it :()

Rach said...

Hey Piers. I thought Writersroom crew had an in there. You have dashed my illusions. Good luck with your submissions.

Hey Robin. Yep. Hate doing nothing. The idea of just sitting on a beach is torture to me. No probs with meme. I'll get you next time?

Elinor said...

I know what you mean. I keep getting sidetracked by different things, ideas etc.

Rach said...

Ah, but I bet all yours turn into something creative. Mine seem to shift onto Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire if I'm not careful.