Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bumblebee Mode

OK. As Piers noted my two week break turned into a year. Lots of things were happening and juggling them all isn't easy when you can't even throw a ball properly.
Really, I can't. I was fielding in rounders recently, well you can sit and pick the daisies if you deep field can't you, and I caught the ball. Don't ask me how, because if I'd tried I'd have missed it. I must have been distracted by the pretty daisy chain, spread my hands in admiration at how well I'd constructed it when the ball plonked down into my palm.
Anyway everyone was shouting at me to throw it and my aim is so bad I worried I'd hit someone because rounders balls are hard and so the only place I could see with no people in it was the space above my head so I filled it. With the ball. Then realised there's gravity isn't there and heavy ball plus gravity moves much faster than fielder plus large drag area so I made like a cartoon and said Doh.
Back to the story. So some things had to be dropped for a while. I did lurk around the blogs when I could. Just to check you were all OK. You are all OK aren't you? All producing masterpieces and getting them commissioned?
Not that I really dropped writing I supposed. I just went into bumble bee mode. Flitting from project to project and finishing nothing. It was such a relief to discover from the local scriptwriting group that they'd all gone through it and it does pass.
Well it has and I'm back writing properly again. Can't promise to post regularly though. I'll see how it goes. And what have I managed to write over the past year?
A short radio script for a local competition that didn't get picked. It was a spooky one that required some tricky sound effects. Local radio doesn't have the budget or facilities for a Foley library so it was a bit dumb of me to write it like that I suppose. I did get feedback that it might have success if it was a longer psychological piece to submit to writersroom instead. So that's one that needs a bit more work.
A half hour, one act stage play. This was a collaboration between the local scriptwriting group and a local theatre company. The theatre company will pick three of the scripts to make up a full play, each act being a different story with the same setting and cast.
Writing for this one clashed with Red Planet Comp and I couldn't manage to do both well so I picked the play instead. I took the opportunity to experiment with this one and I'll talk more about the challenges it threw at me once they've made the selection. If it isn't picked then I plan to expand the play into a longer piece. Waste not want not.
Right now I'm finishing a radio play that I began two years ago for ABBA 2009. It was dropped so I could concentrate on my other entry and I've finally got back to finishing this one off. Or rather I've taken the concept and am re-writing from the beginning again. Looking at something after a long break really does help.
I hear my keyboard calling so must go for now. Keep writing.


Piers said...

Hullo again!


Elinor said...


Writing is a slow process but I'm glad you're back.