Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 Day 1

Well the closest I get to a New Year's Resolution is this. To get the blog active again.

Why?  Because it has been feeling abandoned for so long and guilt tripping me every time I pop by. Passive Aggressive is its speciality.  All riiiiight. I'll blog something.

So a quick update.

1) Been really poorly for a while, Big C, but on the mend.

2) Too poorly to write for most of the year but did completed one short radio play that was broadcast on Radio Cumbria just before Christmas.

3) Working on a YA Novel which has nearly completed its 2nd draft so still a lot of work to do.

4) Signed up for London Screenwriting Festival 2014.  First forward planning I have been able to do for a long time. So strange after living from day to day for so long.

5) Remembering my Brownie and Guide training, Be Prepared. So will be working on my Portfolio ready for LSF. Trying to forget I got kicked out of Guides for leaping over gravestones. Bad Girl.

Well that's it for now.  Must remember to keep this going.

Any of you still out there?


rob said...

I'm still here. Or am I here again? Anyway, welcome back!

Good to hear you're feeling better. See you around the interwebs.

Rach said...

Ah good. A familiar face still about. :-)