Friday, 29 August 2014

Something Medical

Well I posted this on fb but a couple of friends though I aught to make it public. This is my public area so here it is.  Yes I will get back to writing posts.

The post was inspired by this BBC article

I am here today because of a very expensive drug. When it first came out the NHS would not provide it because of the expense. There was a long campaign and, a couple of years before I was diagnosed, they relented.

This drug, Herceptin, is vital for the 1 in 5 of of breast and stomach cancer sufferers who are HER2+. This is an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

When my Mum got breast cancer 27yrs ago the drug did not exist. She didn't make it. She had the same form and presentation of the Cancer as me.

Thanks to the drug I am still here.

I understand that the NHS has a limited budget and is further hampered by the Government's insistence it acts like a business rather than a service.

I also understand that drug companies need to recover the cost of years of research and only have the time until the patent expires to do this.

However they all need to think more about people and less about profit. Let the share holders and Government go hang. We are talking about people, not numbers.

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