Sunday, 19 October 2014

Can't Stop Buzzing - LSF Nearly Here!!!!

Only 5 sleeps until LSF. It will be a busy weekend.

I am going to Pitching Thursday hosted by Pilar Alessandra so she can knock my pitches into shape. I wanted to pitch everything but common-sense kicked in. Better to do a few well than loads poorly.

Next will be Advanced Mentoring Scriptlabs. I am one of six selected for "Creating Fantastical TV" with Steve La Rue. The others are Alexandru Ruchelaru, Amy Amani, Cera-Rose Pickering, David Young and Keith Storrier. We are already chatting to each other. Well they told us to bond. Their projects look really awesome!

I managed to get a Script Surgery session with Euroscript. It is a shared slot with two others but I don't mind that. More input. I need help on my Famous 5 meets Shameless project to make sure my tone is OK for a family slot.

By some miracle I got the pitching slot I wanted. Amazed the LSF servers didn't crash with all those hits but they worked their hearts out to keep it going.  My slot is one of the busiest but I aim to avoid the long queues that can happen when everyone goes to one table. After all everyone is going to be interesting to talk to. Plus, as my kids say, "Mum doesn't do queues."

Oh and I am going for the Elevator Pitch. You have only got the time from when you enter the lift to getting out to pitch to someone interesting. You don't know who they are until you step inside but new people are always interesting.

Squeezed between all of that there are a whole bunch of presentations and discussions. There will be some difficult choices on which to go for. I also need to remember to rest and eat. I still get tired very easily. It won't be wasted time because there will be even more people to chat to there. Yes I do love to chat.

If you are going then I'll see you there, somewhere in the crowd of 800.  I will be the mad hair lady wielding a stick. If you are not going then I will let you know on here what happens and make sure you go NEXT YEAR!!!

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