Friday, 25 January 2008

The beginning

So I've finally done it. I've stopped lurking around other blogs and started my own. Don't know if it will last but lets see.

Problem is these places are as addictive as chocolate. Innocent lurkers watch out, they draw you in. Soon you'll be so busy reading you won't be writing anymore. And then you have to have a go to.

Run! While you can!

Still here? OK. A bit about me. I've been writing for a couple of years with mixed success. As in from "Very funny but not what we're looking for at the moment" to deafening silence. But I dust myself down and keep at it.

And just for an extra challenge I do it all while living in the middle of nowhere! Wouldn 't be fun if it was easy.

Well if this all goes pearshaped I shall blame it on the infamous Lucy who's made us all sign up if we want to keep making comments on her blog. Hi Lucy.



Hi Rach!

You're right about the addiction to reading the other blogs, but be careful of the addiction to your own blog as well! (I, like you, was a "lurker" too, then a "commenter" (or?) and now a blogger.
Just started 01 Jan, but it does work-I've made some contacts & "e- friends", got some feedback, etc, so all in all, it's a good thing. Good luck with yours and your projects!
Regards, Sheikspear

Rach said...

Thanks Sheikspear

seen your comments about. Always fun. I'm going to try and ration it to once every few days.

My mates reckon I will fail dismally. They have such faith in me.

Paul M said...



Rach said...

Thanks Paul

I see you are another initiate from Lucy. She works our scripts hard doesn't she.

Funnily enough it was another Paul that got me to read blogs in the first place. I'll make him pay.

Colin McBride said...

Hi Rach,

I too have succumbed to the temptation of a writing blog. Will try to ration my time there and on other blogs but I suspect it's doomed. Another handy temptation to avoid the actual business of writing

Rach said...

Thanks Colin. I'm already hearing doom and gloom from people that I won't get any other writing done. Not from other bloggers though so they must get something out of it. Even if it is just a sanity break.

Happy rationed blogging.