Sunday, 27 January 2008

Negating the Negation

I've spent the weekend on the first part of a script development course. Really useful and, like any good course, you come away with lots of energy. Must the be the buzz of having a bunch of creative people crammed into one room.

Hope that energy will get me through my homework on negating the negation . Sounds scarier than it is, honest it really does. Of course that might just be because I'm deluding myself and don't understand it at all. Well you'll know after next weekend. If I'm right then I'll put an example up. If I've got it wrong then I'll collapse in a cringing mess and write nothing.

Also got to work on my protagonist's emotional tears, that's in rips not a blubbering mess. There again that's what I might end up after attempting it. All because I'm confident and insecure too. There you go, a tear.

Back to Bashing the Killer Keyboard.

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