Sunday, 16 March 2008

Doom and Gloom

Well I got the dreaded email yesterday. I'm one of the 1490+ who crashed out of the Pitch in Time. Just what I wanted to come back to. So I've finished licking my wounds and stomping round the garden. Believe me that's not easy. We've got tigers in them there 6ft high brambles.

My commiserations to fellow jetsom - Elinor, Sheiky, Chip and the rest of you. We woz robbed.

On to the next challenge. Sheiky had a good one here and another was sitting in my in-box here. I've got an idea involving misunderstandings on sexual preference in a minisub for the next play. Maybe I should get it written. But first I've got my re-write to finish and pass over to Lucy for a check.

I did get some stuff done in the hotelroom, in between watching Life on Mars episodes and Sunshine.

Hope some of you out there hit lucky.

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Commiserations me lady Rachel.

Still, on with all the other stuff, eh?

Though I'll have to give your tip a miss...

Was gonna use a pseudonym (MRS Sheikspear) but then I read this in the rules; must send in " A 200-word autobiography & A passport photograph of yourself,"

200 words on girl stuff!
and a photo of myself in drag!

Obviously not going to happen!

hope you enjoyed your sales week...
I did a pie chart for you at mine so you'd feel at home!