Sunday, 2 March 2008

Character Notes and Mother's Day

So update time.

You have hopefully noticed a few changes to the main page. If anyone can tell me how to match title background to main background then please feel free. I've tried the palatte in settings but that shade isn't there. Plus the editor refuses to accept any hexidecimal codes I type in. It's making me feel so #0000A0.

Still it isn't too bad and I really can't be bothered to change to a different template so it will just have to stay like that. If you are wondering, the smiley face is my bagpuss of a cat.

The character notes for my play are now heading out to possible actors. Ooops. Maybe I should have sent them to definite actors who will possibly appear in my play. The more experienced scribes wrote a paragraph on each character. Muggins here only had two characters so did a table comparing the two.

  • Jed lives alone. Col lives with his cat.
  • Jed never had a family. Col's family left him.
  • Jed was Cock of the School. Col was the Class Wimp.
  • Jed feels that if order is observed he is safe. Col feels that if moral right is observed he is safe.

There was a lot more like what they eat and their politics. Still I was told it was OK and it is now out there.

The writers in the group were all very friendly and helpful. Some were beginners but others have been working for years in TV, radio, stage and publishing. They were worried I'd be bored while they discussed the logistics and costs for rehearsals, staging and ticket sales but it was fascinating. All these things you don't consider while you tap away.

So I then made the long drive home through winding, empty country lanes. Orion twinkling though the branches above. Shimmering uplights from my headlights bouncing off puddles and reggae blasting out on the radio. The perfect start to a horror film.

I've just sent off 150 words to go into the programme. I think it sets the tone without giving away the punchlines.

Now to cook tea then tuck into Chocolate Cake. My Mother's Day present along with wooden tulips from my daughter. Now if I can just persuade his lordship to rub my feet I'll be sorted.

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Dave said...

Of course I will. If you want to earn mucho brownie points from your sweetness and light, follow these instructions.

(Especially useful when you didn’t buy a mothers day card. Hey at least she got a massive chocolate cake.)