Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Purrrfectly lovely

Not a writing thing strictly but this got passed round the office today and I couldn't resist. The man clearly owns a cat. As should all good writers by the way. Who else can you have a sensible conversation with at 3 in the morning?

He has more here and apparently there is another in production. Out soon.


Dave said...

You didn't seem quite so fond of cats when ours decided to try its paw at writing and walked across your keyboard.

Rach said...

He's so fat he nearly broke the keyboard. And his stuff was better.

Elinor said...

LOL Rach! Lucy sent me this on Facebook some time ago. Nice to think he has more cartoons out.

Rach said...

Looking forward to it.

Seems to have hit a rich comedy vein because you could track the clip's progress round the office by the fits of giggles. Unusual sound in a mostly male office.