Thursday, 28 February 2008

Movie Posters Post

Can't sleep after my play meeting and the long drive home so I'm blogging again. Yep. That'll help me wind down. Sit here juggling on the Html. Because it always puts stuff exactly where you want it, doesn't it.

OK. There's been a wee Movie poster conversation starting to germinate at Sheiky's patch. He wants to see our fav. posters so I've been digging.

Once upon a time, long ago and far away (or down the coast a bit) I was an innoscent little student freezing away in her student room. You could shove fingers through the gaps in the windows. Hell you could shove your room-mate through the thing. The electric fire only had one bar working and blew the fuses. The communal living room had no ceiling because it rained one day. Basically we aspired to the Young One's Hovel.

So what did we cover the flourescent lime green woodchip with? Film Posters of course. And I had the best cos baby sister worked in a video store. Look, if you're too young to know what one of those was go look it up.

I tried finding some of those posters but many seem to have disappeared. So I've done my best. The pickies below show posters I'd be happy to put on my wall in their own right. Regardless of the quality of the film. Enjoy. Oh and a cooler set can be found on the other half's blog.

The first film I ever saw. I had nightmares for weeks and wasn't allowed to go to the cinema again until Oliver came out. I still can't watch it but this time because I'll lose what I saw with a child's eye.
Then some oldies. Saturday was Dixon of Dock Green, Doctor Who then the Saturday Movie. Wrapped in a blanket, eating porridge and disappearing into Day of the Triffids, When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds and these goodies. Remember when they don't do what they said on the box?

Unlike these for the lads. Dinosaurs, eternal life, lovely. And the other one sums up the film beautifully. No little old lady is going to pop in to see a nice film about the history of Pitman unless she thought it included some serious lumbar stretching.

And to balance that some broody men for us ladies. Worryingly they are all armed.

And finally a cool and scary mix.

That's all folks!


Dave said...

One or two of those would have appeared in my list too, but you got to them first, so I went digging for some different ones. If only you would actually let me put the secretary one on the wall. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself did I? Hi, I’m your husband, you may have noticed me once or twice, (I’m the one covered in blood, with the gerbil hanging from his finger.)


Cool set Rach! (ooh-er! I sound like Lucy now - obviously I meant the posters).

Nice collection to bring back the memories, cheers, well done.

Lucy said...

Bloody hell, this is like the third time I've seen my name mentioned randomly in comments sections today, I'm getting a complex.

So Rach: if the men in the posters you like all have guns which are widely accepted as extension of certain appendages, does that mean you are suffering in a Freudian sense?

Elinor said...

Nice selection Rach - particularly the good-looking blokes with guns, which are all pretend so that's alright then.

Dave said...

Excues me, I do read these posts you know.

Rachael's Other Half.

Oh, and I'd like to just point out that, they don't all have guns, one of the blokes has a sword, (O.K. thats not much better.) But the other one has a crossbow and a spinny round blade thing, (I have no idea what Freud would have said about that.)

Dave said...

Excuse my Excues.

Lucy said...

Freud would have said any fella with a spinny blade thing has some VERY STRANGE IDEAS.

I however would say "yes please."

Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said...

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Lucy, I think my wife might not want me to talk you to any more, you are a scary woman.

Lucy said...

Ah well, I am the biggest vulgarian in the vulgar argot of this planet, so farewell!!!!

Rach said...

err hum. I come in from a hard day in the office and find all sorts going on here. I can't even leave the room for a minute.

Yes Sheiky they are a cool set.

Lucy, I am required to say I'm OK on that front. Have to be careful with their delicate sensitivities.

Elinor, but... but... does that mean I'd be disappointed in reality.

And Dave, come near me with any whirly things and there will be a close encounter of round bouncy things and blunt spoony things.

Oh and Lucy, I can't type that fast. You beat me to it.

Rach said...

Sorry last bit came out wrong. Yes you are definitely the winner on the argot bit. For those wondering what that means... go see Lucy's latest post.

Dave said...

vulgarian. Are they in Star Trek?