Monday, 23 June 2008

Sharps and Flats

At 13.05 I logged on to my email area. Held my breathe. Lots of emails in. Scanned. Scanned again. Bashed the monitor and scanned once more. Nope. Nothing. Nada.

Ever the optomist I tried again at 13.30. Still nothing. I mean I even waited until 18.00. How could they keep a girl waiting that long. Guess I'll just have to accept I've been dumped. No shiny, golden email ticket to the BBC Chocolate Factory for me.

Oh well. I am happy with my script and will pop it into my portfolio. And I guess we are all waiting now to hear if we are one of the 100 who will get feedback.

By the way I'm applying to TAPS Continuing Drama. May get bounced but if you don't try you'll get no-where. If you are in the Nations category then it appears you have a little more time. The deadline has been extended to July 11th. For those in Regions the deadline is 27th June so get your skates on.


Caroline said...

Hi Rach,

Commiserations (again - feels like we've only just bounced back from Supershorts).
My email is down at the moment but I *know* that my script wasn't a contender so the wait for demon to fix their server is not as hideous as it could have been!

TAPS - I applied last year but didn't get in. Heard some more mixed things this year so not sure about applying, have you heard good stuff?

Rach said...

You might have got through?

And if your email is down then you won't have noticed that I pressed cancel instead of send on my feedback to you. Only just noticed so re-wrote and it is in your intray for you.

David Bishop did Taps and his posts got me interested. There is funding about for the fee so I thought I'd give it a try.

At worst I will learn something useful. OK at worst I won't even be selected. But I think I'll give it a try anyway.

Caroline said...

No - I didn't get through.
BUT I did have to wait until last thing yesterday as when the demon server came back up it started delivering my backlogged mail in reverse order! So by ten last night it was only back to about 3pm yesterday. So I could still pretend there was a glimmer of hope until my 1pm emails came through :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Good luck with your TAPS application.

Colin McBride said...

commiserations, Rach. My Sharps script didn't make the grade either. I was actually slightly miffed about it as thought I'd managed to come up with something that I was quite proud of. Still, as you say, it's one for the portfolio.
I did TAPS last year and have to say that I thought it pretty useful - even if I didn't make it to the final selection.

Rach said...

Sorry neither of you made it to Sharps. Thanks for that goodlukc on TAPS.

Sharps, taps, do I feel a musical number coming on?

Anyway got the application sent off in time so now I wait. Well used to that.