Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Writing for Film and Stage

Spotted this on Rouge Wave about the difference between writing for stage and film. I'm having a go at writing my first full length stage play so it was an interesting read.

Oh and I got my confirmation email from Writersroom today. They've got my Sharps entry so the die is cast.



Good luck with Sharps, Rach!

I dropped out.

Good luck with the play, too.

but if you have time...

You're meme'd -if you have time!

(so is the old feller...)

wyndham said...

I'm currently toiling over my Bruntswood entry - for next year. A very different kettle of fish from a TV script.

Good luck to you!

Caroline said...

Good luck with Sharps.
I've just finished my first draft. So that leaves me approximately ...hmmmm...tonight to rewrite and get it in the post tomorrow. Something tells me I won't get past the 10 page sift:)

Hope you do though.

Rach said...

Thanks Sheikspear. Just fetched my MP3 player and pared it down to seven tracks. Made a bit easier because Dave had some on his list that I liked too so I didn't need to put them on mine.

Wyhdham - sounds like good forward planning to me. Good luck with fishing in the kettle.

Caroline - glad you got the 1st draft down. If you need a quick read tonight then just leave a message here.

Elinor said...

Good luck Rach. Popping over to Rouge Wave for a read so thanks for that.

Rach said...

Hope the play idea is developing well Elinor.