Sunday, 24 February 2008

Body Counts

Just a quick one. Got one entry off to Pitch in Time and another half written. Then I'll move on to finishing my treatment.

Did make some headway. I now know the ending of the film. Usually I know the start and the end but I stuggle with the middle. This time it was the end that proved a sod.

I also had one of those weird conversations. You know the ones writers have. I thought I'd had the ultimate last year when I went around asking "What's funnier, wet boxers or wet Y-fronts." Y-fronts won, hands down.

However I think I topped it this weekend. "I have a low body count so it wants to a drama. Won't it want to be a comedy if I up the body count? A lot?" Yes I went with a high body count. Much more comfortable with it now.

Then I had to work out how to kill all the extra ones. That came to me in the car ride back from Tescos. Don't ask me how. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the kids killing each other in the back seat.

Also I've got my next project decided, thanks to a discussion on Elinor's blog. Wrinkly women unite! The idea's been knocking around since I turned 40 and became one of the invisibles.

So I've done my duty and provided a post. Though not a long one I know. Hope you all got your pitches in too. Only a few days left. Give it a try. Got to stop cos my giant feline is about to walk over the keyboard and butcher it all.



So you'll have 2 on the pitch too..

Rach said...

Maybe not. The second seems to be wanting to change from an 18th century gothic horror to a present day one. It may not be ready.

There again should I just kick it out there and risk looking a complete lemon if I got through. Hmmmm.

I think I might let it just gestate a while.