Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Won Something

It's been very eventful since my last blog. I won something. Yes really. I'm still sort of in shock.

I'd entered a county competition for a short play. North Cumbria Scriptwriting Group is going to put on a set of plays at Theatre by the Lakes and offered one of the slots as a prize. Yes I live in Cumbria. Said it was the back of beyond didn't I? Wouldn't swap it though.

The group selected submissions down to three and then the theatre director chose mine.

So my 5min play will be professionally staged in the spring. I then got an email last night for character notes so they can start casting. Eeeek. Haven't had to write those before. At least not for anyone else to read. Had a go. I'm sure they will tell me if the notes are useless.

I also submitted my portfolio for the course I've been on. Got to wait to find out if it was alright.

I'm also cracking away at Draft II of the treatment for my feature. I worked on it with the course and just have to choose between the three endings I can see.

Also realised the deadline for the Cheltenham Screenwriters' Festival competition Pitch in Time is almost upon me. And I want to submit a pitch for the feature. So I'd better get cracking. If you don't try then you're guaranteed to lose.

And then there's the early deadline for BSSC Live Action shorts at the end of March. I've got a couple of shorts I think are ready but I'm letting them sit there a little so I can read with new eyes before submitting. I got through the first round last year. Doesn't mean I'll get that far again this year but lets see.

I'm also reading and checking a synopsis and 3 chapters of a novel for a friend who is about to send it out. She finished a novel AND reworked and rewritten it. So much better than me. My novels get fully planned out then I get distracted. Not a good habit I know. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for her.

So I've got to get some heavy writing done. Paper out. Pencil sharpened.

And I got this from Sheiky


Lianne said...

Hey, congrats on the play! That's lovely news. And thanks for reminding me of a Pitch in Time, I'm going to need to get cracking on that as well.


Congratulations Rach on your play.

I've emailed you a Play Oscar for your blog!

see you at "Pitch in Time"!

(Well, if we both get through...)

Rach said...

Thanks both of you. Fingers crossed we will all get through on the Pitch in Time.

And thanks for the Oscar Sheiky. I finally worked out how to put a picture on!


Don't forget me in the "and I'd like to thank..." speech!

Elinor said...

Congratulations on the play. Not jealous at all, oh no. Keep us posted on those character notes.

Rach said...

Thanks Elinor. It's only an itty bitty 7min thing. I'm sure yours will be much longer. And you got onto Metlab. Mega jealous here.

Sheiky, no-one would ever let me do an acceptance speech. Once I start talking I don't stop. They'd be dragging me off with one of those long walking cane things.

But I'll strangle out a thanks to you as my heels scrape along the floor.