Friday, 1 February 2008

Revenge is lucrative

Well I'm at the end of the week and I've done my homework. It was so much harder than I thought but its Done, Done, Done. Until I have to re-write of course.

Did I get any other writing done this week? Well a quick horror short because the idea was there. More notes on my feature. Gunned down a few characters, moved others up to the front line. And it isn't even a war film.

What I am now wondering is if my black comedy is a comedy at all. As it rips apart and reforms it is starting to look like a drama. There again whenever I try to write a drama I end up with comedy anyway.

Can't take anything seriously. Even did a string of jokes in my eulogy at my Dad's funeral a few years back. Dad the rebel would have approved. Funeral director certainly did. A few blue rinses looked shocked though. Haven't they heard of graveside humour?

Anyway I'll just let the characters decide for me.

And that's my weekend planned, more listening attentively at the weekend and tapping away in the evenings.

So if your boss has treated you like you're braindead, your colleagues nicked all the chocolate biscuits and your clients complained because you didn't do 2 weeks work, jump backwards in time and deliver it the day before they realised they needed it then GET REVENGE.

Write a good gorefest story where they all die a horrible death and you will feel so much better. Call it practice and there will be no guilt at all. And you never know, I sold a short story once just letting off steam.

Have a relaxing, revenge filled weekend

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