Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What's brewing?

So tomorrow I'm off to be interrogated about my play. Don't really know what to expect and having that panicky "will they think I'm a fraud" moment. These are experienced writers I'll be chatting with. They'll know their stuff. Gulp.

Got to sit down and knock the feature treatment into its final shape. It's almost there. Know what's happening when and why. Just got to get the gobbledygook into the Queen's English and kick it out for feedback.

I have two other features bubbling along.

One is past the treatment stage but I've probably been overambitious. It has three main characters instead of one. Though there is a single lead the others aren't really support. Mainly because they are alpha females and don't like second place. However if I succeed in reigning them in it could be interesting.

I'm very fond of this one. All the main characters are over 40. They refuse to become respectable middle aged ladies and instead are after Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

The other feature was going along nicely then I started having doubts. It is currently a period Gothic horror though it started out as present day. I'm now wondering whether to go back to that. I do like a good old Byronic hero/villain. Heathcliffe, ahhh. So I suppose its going to be which shows his brooding splendour the best.

I was going to submit this last one to A Pitch in Time but if its going to change so much it will be a bit pointless. I've got a pitch submitted already for my first one so I'll pop this last one aside for a bit while I battle with the other two.

So lots to do.



Dear Mrs Howard,
Carruthers & I would like to thank you & your husband for the old movie web site info provided at Mr Skeikspear's site.
We shall look at them in between sorties.
Please feel free to refer your hubbie & any other aircraft/funny image affectionardos to recce me site at
regards, Wing Co

Elinor said...

Wow, Rach, sounds like you are very busy. Good luck and keep us posted.