Friday, 15 February 2008

Bring back Clapperboard

OK so I'm going a bit off topic today. I've mastered the links so now I'm going to use them. Highlight the word, click on the chain thing, then paste in the URL (the address thingy at the top of the window thingy). Just for those that were stuck like me (hi Shiekspear).

Talking to the other half about modern animation techniques, as you do, we ended up reminising about Clapperboard and Screen Test. OK that's an age giveaway I know.

For those too young to remember there is a bit about them in this and this. But not much. Screen Test was a film quiz show that included a young film-maker's competition. The entries would be shown on the programme. We all thought we stood a chance if only we had a camera. Clapperboard did a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I remember the Bugsy Malone one really clearly.

Anyway we tried to think of a modern equivalent, a film programme for kids. About making them, not just what's new out. The sprogs then gave me a despairing look and pointed me at Popcorn. On satellite and internet. So I had a look.

Sorry folks, still nothing like Clapperboard and Screen Test. More Film insert-year with extra bits. "They don't make kids programmes like in my day." I'll now totter off to get a nice cup of tea and a hobnob.

Postscript: Find some old memories here and here.



Thanks for the learning bit, Rach.

Tried it on my tester blog, so now I'll use it next time.

Re: My Blog:- fear ye not fair maiden, rest assured "Friday fun" will continue and Jim & his mate might return later...

Jon Peacey said...

I vaguely remember those progs and thinking the self-same thing: I could do that if only...! Kids TV today is terrible from what I've seen. It's all shouting and stupidity.

I blame Tiswaz.


I don't know.

My mind's as wonky as my zimmer frame. ;-)

Rach said...

I have to make a terrible confession. I was banned from watching Tizwas (and Magpie too). They were on "the other side."

I've had to fill the gaps in my education from 'Top 100...' programs, outtake shows and the other half's reminisences.

The look in his eye when Sally James is mentioned might explain why my Dad wasn't allowed to watch it either.

Jon Peacey said...

I was banned from watching Tizwas too. I was allowed Swapshop. I didn't like either.

I was grouchy even then!

(And I really hated Why Don't You? All that nauseating get-up-and-go... mine got-up-and-went!)

Rach said...

I auditioned for Why don't you...
My acting days. Long gone.

Rach said...

I'd better clarify that one. I auditioned as one of those creepy kids that did wierd things in the holidays instead of watching TV. Not as one of the buzzing-in-overdrive hosts.

A bunch of us wrote and performed our own plays. Mostly Impro but we didn't know it then. I was a trend setter once.

Colin McBride said...

I don't suppose anyone remembers Film Fun with Derek Griffiths playing a load of 'whacky' characters in an old cinema while reviewing the latest film releases. I have some vaguely fond memories of that one...

Rach said...

What a memory! Completely forgot about that one. Dredging into my murky memory I get the impression it was good.

But I can't pin down a particular image, apart from dusty curtains. Don't know what that means.

Other half took it as a challenge. He found you can download an advert for it on

It has a Clapperboard one too. I think its time I give him a new to-do list.

Colin McBride said...

Wow, that's brilliant. What a legend old Griffiths was. I guess the old interweb has killed off the need for TV programmes like this. Shame though.

Lucy said...

You. Are. All. Ancient!!!

; )

Rach said...

OK Kid,
I'll give you Trapdoor, Maid Marion and her Merry Men and Dangermouse (Brilliant). Combined they nearly blot out the memory of Going Live.
See a new Dangermouse link on the blog.

Jon Peacey said...

...and Will O' The Wisp. With Evil Edna. Don't forget that... I think the case is made, m'Lud!!!

I saw Derek Griffiths on the telebox the other month. I think.

I'm certain my nephew (9 or 10y.o.) would rather like something more substantial than the stuff he's supposed to enjoy now. Instead he just goes off and kills things on something called an X-Box... very odd thing if you ask me... all you seem to have to do is shoot things and fly spaceships.

Of course, Lucy, I still recall my excitement at getting one of the first copies of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles to come hot off the quill... ;)

Paul M said...

Rach, what does it mean to be memed? Does it hurt? Will I suffer any long term health or mental problems? I have to get my ass into gear with this blog technology too!

I have 3 books in my possession, so I guess I like them. They are the famous "Screenplay" by Syd Field, "Making a good script great" by Linda Seger, incidentally both were given to me when I had written my first script with no guidance, and the latter I would highly recommend too if you really want to get to grips with a script, and lastly..."Screenwriting for dummies" It's actually a very good tutorial.

Rach said...

Does it hurt. Well it took a few headbangs against a wall to get my brain to work when I did it.

If I've got this right then a meme is a cultural idea or thing that gets passed around from people repeating something they have seen.

For example if I saw Lucy had done a post on cabbages so I did one on my thoughts on cabbages. Then you did, then Jon....

So you choose to catch it.

However the current meme fashion is more something that someone gives you. Like a disease, but I hope a bit more fun. Unless you like getting blotchy and having a fever of 45deg C. So yes it could be a bit braindamaging.

So if you want to become one of the diseased you just do a post with your fav.books and then bite others. A zombie meme?

The other half (who is sick of me calling him that, sorry Dave)says its a disguised chain letter without the threats. Do if you want, ignore if you don't.

Sounds like you've got the bibles there. Being a dummy I'll have to get that last one too.

Rach said...

And Jon, I forgot Will o' the Wisp. Would watch it with my baby sister.

As to the games these days. I still quake at my sweet, fragile daughter screaming "kill, die" at a monitor while beating her dad at the Star Wars game.

My son is far more restrained and just does a James Bond Villain cackle as he decimates startroopers.

Piers said...

I used to love Screen Test.

With Michael Rodd, if I recall correctly.

Rach said...

Yep. I was always trying to put a team together to compete. No luck.

Considering my being on a pub quiz team guarantees they come last maybe that was a good thing.