Saturday, 9 February 2008


I'm still counting this as Friday because I've not slept yet. That makes this as a weekly blog.

It has been a busy week juggling hats. There's the hard hat for my daytime job of analysing, mentoring, pointing out the bloody obvious, shouting, screaming and breathing fire. Then there's the knitted teacosy hat for the nurturing wife and mother bit. The trilby for the checking procedure for the village school bit. Lastly the floppy felt beret for the writing bit.

I've managed to keep all in the air this week but I'm really not sure how. Maybe that I'm writing this at gone 1am is a clue. (The time bit at the bottom insists its staying an hour behind me. Sod it.)

So the course went really well and we had a go at directing each others work too. I think I managed to ignore the camera when I was in front of it but it's like....

Don't look at that spider behind you!

There, bet you looked. Just in case. After all how do you know I'm not a cyberpunk construct watching you from within the machine. Sorry, rambling a bit.

Anyway my last bit of homework is nearly done for them to assess next week. However I have been a bit silly. We had to set our plan for after the course and hand it in last week. So what did this airhead put?

What will I have done in :-
1 week : Treatment
2 weeks: Step Plan
1 month: Screenplay

This is for a feature. I'm doooomed. And I did it to myself.

So I'm counting the end of the course as next weekend. That gives me one extra week. Will I make it? Stay tuned folks.



It's good to have goals.
And ambition!

Hope you do succeed with your targets, & if you carry on that way you'll be a prolific screenwriter.
Bet continuing drama Eds are stalking you already...

But Rach, your day job sounds great!

Hope it’s not in petro-chemicals though, what with the fire breathing…

Rach said...

Do continuing drama eds stalk? Or just say "Work for me, go on, go on, go on, go on." Irish accent optional of course.

And funny you should mention petro-chemicals. So that's why they keep me off the rigs.


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Rach said...